A Longer Walk

We detailed previously the installation of A Long Walk for this customer – more than a football field in length of River Street Lafitt paver stones:

Our intrepid crews have returned to extend this long walk around the front of the house and replace the double row of timber retaining walls with a sturdy stone wall. Here is how it all looked before we got to work.

And here is the finished work, mostly completed.

This is a 68′ long Colonial Castle Manor Grana paving wall, which is as elegant as it is durable.

The walkway is River Street Lafitt paver stones, matching the original installation around the other side of the house.

We also back filled and amended 2 planting beds behind the retaining wall with 4 cy of topsoil, and then installed 4 Shasta Viburnum (30″) along the top of the slope, 4 Sunshine Ligustrum (15″) in the center of the slope, 7 Vintage Jade Distyllium (12″) along the wall, and 5 Drupacea Yews (12″).

That’s it for now. Contact us if you see anything you like!

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