A Long Walk

Our guys have finished this long walkway to the Lake – more than a football field in length of River Street Laffit paver stones laid in an artful design. We detailed the progress of this impressive project here and here. Starting with the driveway, let’s take a walk to the Lake and back on the finished product.

Stone retaining walls, fill dirt, and gravel leveled up this driveway nicely.

Here are the matching stone steps, transitioning to the walkway. Beside the house, we brought in a lot of fill dirt to level up the area, and then edged the walkway with plantings and fresh mulch.

Around the back of the house we go, bringing the boathouse and Lake into view.  Our walk takes a side trip to the rear deck – with help from these Lincoln Creek stone slab steps.

Continuing down to the Lake, the firepit comes into view, as well some more Lincoln Creek stone steps.

We combined River Street Laffit paver stones with multiple Lincoln Creek stone steps to accommodate the deep slope to the boathouse.

Our walk completed, we now retrace our steps back to the driveway:

We also installed night lighting along the walk, but those pictures are for another day. Thanks for joining us!

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