If it’s Fall These Must Be Armyworms

Armies are good, especially our army.  And worms are good things, too. But Fall Armyworms … that's a different story. We like our lush, green lawns, and so do these little pests. Fall Armyworms are connoisseurs of fine lawns, especially fresh, new sod, and will muster the troops for an assault as soon as they … Continue reading If it’s Fall These Must Be Armyworms

Possibilities Realized

Following up on our previous post, let's walk the walk of this finished project, beginning with the driveway. Click on any picture to get a closer look. Here is the transition walk, to the patio under the house. This is the new patio/fire pit, with matching walks connecting the lower patio and the porch steps. … Continue reading Possibilities Realized

Plants & Patio

We begin with the driveway entrance wherein we replaced existing timber supports on the right and left of the driveway with Castle Manor Grana Grey retaining walls, and installed Red Knock Out Roses and Miss Huff Lantana in a mulch of NC Long Leaf Pine Needles. We cleaned up this 15' x 118' area and … Continue reading Plants & Patio