Landscape & Hardscape

Here is the latest project involving our expertise in both landscaping and hardscape. We are going to go through all of this slowly, so you can appreciate the scale of what our crews accomplished. In addition to grading and loads of topsoil to prep the beds, we constructed an 18" tall by 60' long Colonial … Continue reading Landscape & Hardscape

Littleton Upgrade

Our crews were out in force this week, planting full grown Tuskegee Crape Myrtles and Overcup Oaks around the parking lot of the downtown's newest addition, the Blue Jay Bistro. These balled and burlapped trees were supplied by Creekside Farms Nursery in nearby Jackson, and were loaded on trailers in our lot for transport uptown. … Continue reading Littleton Upgrade

A Longer Walk

We detailed previously the installation of A Long Walk for this customer - more than a football field in length of River Street Lafitt paver stones: Our intrepid crews have returned to extend this long walk around the front of the house and replace the double row of timber retaining walls with a sturdy stone … Continue reading A Longer Walk