An Epic Project – Finished

Our crews have once again finished up a major project, showing a flair for getting the smallest details right. For those of you following along, our posts on this project began a few months back with Earth Moving and continued with In Process Project. We started with this: And finished with this: We also started … Continue reading An Epic Project – Finished

Irrigation System

Take a look at this comprehensive 7-zone RAINBIRD irrigation system we installed a few months ago. What, you can't see it? Except for the River Street Lafitt stone paver landing and the sod, it is difficult to see the extensive work our guys did for this customer - because the irrigation system is all underground. … Continue reading Irrigation System

Lake Overlook

Walkways, patios, lighting, irrigation, grading, sod, and new plants - all in the service of a beautiful property with a spectacular view of the Lake. Our guys' work here was epic in scope. Let's take it one section at a time. This is a 4' x 70' long Techo Bloc Champlain Grey paver sidewalk with … Continue reading Lake Overlook