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Like all critical systems – and irrigation is the very definition of a critical system for your yards and gardens – periodic service is necessary to maintain the effectiveness of your irrigation components. For instance, here is a post we did on one such periodic maintenance task, the winterization of irrigation systems:

Don’t let the cool autumn weather fool you – winter’s cold will be here soon enough. I know, because the same thing happened last year. And winter’s cold will bring freezing – and certain danger for any systems containing water, like your irrigation system.

Which means … it’s time to winterize your systems.

Photo courtesy Ed Roberts, CC BY-SA 2.0

Winterizing an irrigation system is not as simple as shutting off the water. An irrigation system is a complex thing, and depending on how yours was installed, there are different collection points for water, odd ‘nooks’ and ‘crannies’ in your system, all of which must be completely drained to insure your system will be safe from winter damage.

To give you an idea about the complexity involved, consider the following. Many systems may have automatic drain valves installed.  It may seem, then, that these valves will do the work you need in clearing your lines. However, assuming proper installation, automatic drain valves are not installed on your mainline – which must be manually drained as well. And your lines could have other low points collecting water that neither of these methods will reach. So for many systems, compressed air should be used to blow out the lines – but with caution, always with caution, or else the blow out will be to your irrigation system.

Ben’s Creek Nursery provides winterization services, as well as servicing and repair of all other aspects of your watering system. But more important, we provide the experience and professional expertise to do the job comprehensively and well.

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