Stone Paver Walkway

Steps and walkways make our Lake homes friendly and inviting. They can remedy difficult topography and make open and accessible areas that may not be. But steps and walkways are not just useful; they should also add visual interest to your home. This is why design, materials, and workmanship are so important, and also why it is important to hire people with the appropriate expertise.

Ben’s Creek Nursery has the expertise. Here are some photos of some current steps and walkways we are working on and/or have completed.

Longer than a football field, this impressive River Street Laffit paver walkway stretches from the driveway, around the house, to the boathouse. Lincoln Creek stone slab steps augment this walkway at three places along the way.

In this series, our guys used Dublin Fossil Beige pavers to build this walkway down a steep slope to the Lake.

In this next series, we utilized stone, rock, and Lincoln Creek stepping stones

Here, we went with elegance personified: Travertine limestone.