How Green is your Winter

For this customer, the answer is very green. That’s because they have cool season Fescue grass, one of many select grasses that will hold its green year round.

Here are our guys at the end of 2019, working on the front lawn (photos originally posted here).

Another nice feature of Fescue is that it plants well in the winter. Here is the Fescue sod installation recently completed in this same customer’s side yard.

We also did some pruning to these impressive crape myrtles, which will produce copious blooms come summer time.

For those of you paying attention, you will recognize this customer’s property in many posts of the past few years, Canal Work, Stonework & Mulch, Irrigation Project, and Waterfront, to name a few. It is and has been a privilege to help with this beautiful property on the banks of the Roanoke River.

Questions, comments? Need some green in your winter? Contact us!

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