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Fall Lawncare Notes

This is our annual reminder that with the Fall Equinox behind us, there are a certain set of annual tasks that need attention. So, let's check in on some of the things Ben's Creek Nursery is doing this season and into the next. For the past few weeks we have begun aeration and overseeding in … Continue reading Fall Lawncare Notes

New Sod & Patio Fire Pit

Our guys installed new sod for this customer, but first they needed to correct some serious drainage problems. So, they graded for positive drainage, mixed in 6 loads of new topsoil, and installed catch-basins at strategic locations. They then installed a 16' circular River Street Lafitt paver patio with a 4' diameter Colonial Weston Stone … Continue reading New Sod & Patio Fire Pit

If It’s Fall These Must Be Armyworms

We are re-posting this article from September of 2019, because ... well, they're back! Armies are good, especially our army.  And worms are good things, too. But fall armyworms … that's a different story. We like our lush, green lawns, and so do these little pests. Fall armyworms are connoisseurs of fine lawns, especially fresh, … Continue reading If It’s Fall These Must Be Armyworms

Help Wanted!

And this time we mean it. We have openings in just about every position in our company, and we need you! Ben's Creek Nursery is a landscape services firm, offering design, installation, and maintenance services, including lawncare, landscaping, irrigation, landscape lighting, and stone paver patios, walkways, and retaining walls. A valid driver's license would be … Continue reading Help Wanted!

Landscape Upgrades

Before we leave spring behind us, here are some photos of some upgrades we did from a few months back, to an already established landscape. We installed a stone paver walkway, strategic lighting, and some full-grown plant material. We also deployed an irrigation system, which being underground and all, was not amenable to being photographed. … Continue reading Landscape Upgrades