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From a House to a Home

Landscaping properly done can personalize new construction, helping a house to become a home. Here is an example. As usual, click on any photo for a closer look. We began this project with a scene like this: the flat, clay soil typical of the eastern edge of the Piedmont of North Carolina. But with the … Continue reading From a House to a Home

Fall Lawncare Notes

With the Fall Equinox behind us, let's check in on what Ben's Creek Nursery is focusing on this season. For the past few weeks we have begun aeration and overseeding in earnest, and will be continuing those efforts into October. Aeration and overseeding are annual techniques begun just before the existing lawn begins its rapid … Continue reading Fall Lawncare Notes

If it’s Fall These Must Be Armyworms

Armies are good, especially our army.  And worms are good things, too. But Fall Armyworms … that's a different story. We like our lush, green lawns, and so do these little pests. Fall Armyworms are connoisseurs of fine lawns, especially fresh, new sod, and will muster the troops for an assault as soon as they … Continue reading If it’s Fall These Must Be Armyworms