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Welcome! Whatever your needs, whether it’s lawncare, landscaping, irrigation, patios, walkways, or retaining walls, Ben’s Creek Nursery can do the job! With over a quarter century of experience in all phases of the landscaping industry, Ben’s Creek Nursery has established itself as the premier landscaping services company in the Roanoke Valley.

This website provides many examples of the full range of expertise we can bring to any landscaping project – so feel free to browse around!

This site is new, however, so if you would like to see what Ben’s Creek Nursery has been up to in years past, you can go to our archived website here.  There you will find posts and photos going back almost 10 years.

But for current news and info about Ben’s Creek Nursery, you’re at the right place. You can find periodically updated information about our services under the Lawncare, Landscape, Irrigation & Hardscape menu headings above. However, if you are looking for near real-time photos and information about our current projects, we’ve got that covered in our Current Posts section. While you’re at it, be sure and try out the Post Category feature on the right half of the Post Page, which will bring together for you multiple posts that deal with the same or similar work.

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Our Services

Lawncare. Our landscape management services provide a turn-key solution of full service lawn maintenance options for your residential or commercial property. These options are provided on a year round basis allowing a hands free approach to your landscape. We can customize your landscape management contract based on your annual needs, providing you an optimum level of horticulture practices for your landscape at an affordable price.

Landscape. Our landscape installation services provide a turn-key solution of design options for your residential landscape, whether existing or new construction. We will evaluate sun exposure, irrigation needs, bed preparation, lighting, drainage issues, and your overall goals, as we provide a comprehensive design plan for your project. If you have a design plan in place then we can also review and provide cost saving options if needed. Our goal is to provide a quality landscape installation for you that will thrive in our horticulture environment within North Carolina.

Irrigation Install & Repair. Ben’s Creek Nursery is a full service, one-stop shop when it comes to watering systems for your yards and gardens! Our range of services includes appraisal of your water needs, presentation of irrigation options, design, installation, and repair. We are fully licensed and fully insured, giving you the assurance that your irrigation system will be professionally installed in accordance with best practices.

Hardscape. Hardscape installation services are available on a variety of different levels. Each project is designed exclusively based on your needs. You may be looking to create an outdoor room with a nice patio or fire pit area, or to pull up an old concrete sidewalk. Retaining and keystone walls can address slope issues on your property as well as create new beds for your landscape. Regardless of whether it’s new construction or a renovation, Ben’s Creek Nursery can provide you the services you need!



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