Holly Screenage

This is a long-time customer who wanted to put up some screenage around his guest house. He selected large, full grown Emily Bruner Hollies, an excellent choice.

Here is the guest house. What, you can’t see it?

Le Guest House Emilys_edited_2 02

Exactly. That’s what a group of 16′ Emily Bruners can do, besides being a quality holly to look at. Here is the house before our guys installed the hollies. Note the size of the Emily Bruner in comparison with the truck.


Here are a few more photos.

And here are some bonus photos, a random selection of images of this beautiful property. We have been working with this customer for many years, installing major and minor landscape material, as well as sod, irrigation systems, and more. Click on any photo to get a closer look … and enjoy!

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