Blast from the Past

We had occasion recently to visit our maintenance crews on the job, and suddenly realized we were at a property we had originally landscaped back in 2012! As a matter of fact, you can see the installations we did that year under Projects, Landscaping from the Ground Up and its companion piece From the Ground Up – Continued. Herewith some comparison pictures after the newly installed plants, trees, and sod have had some six years to grow and establish themselves. Click on any picture to get a closer look.


These Nellie R. Stevens Hollies along the foundation have grown, but not as much as you might expect. This is because our crews have intentionally worked to maintain them at a consistent height since we planted them. But notice how much they have filled in over the last 6 years! This is due to the seasonal pruning and fertilization our crews have done since we planted them.

These Japanese Maples were a nice touch of color we installed at the two front corners of the house, presenting a nice contrast with the other foundation plants. My, how they’ve grown!

We planted a lot of different trees all along the perimeter and down the driveway: Riverbirch, Green Giant Arborvitae, European Hornbeam, and more, all of which are thriving.

This property has a double gateway system, and all of the plant material between and among the gates have really flushed out nicely.

But enough of looking backward. Our crews are at this property to keep and maintain it going forward. You can see them here putting down some decorative rock edging on the side and back of the house.

And here’s a final look out the back of this splendid home.


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