Landscaping From the Ground Up

“Soup to Nuts.” Wikipedia tells us (so it has to be true, right?) that this is an “American English idiom conveying the meaning of “from beginning to end”. Apparently it is derived from someone’s notion of a full course dinner, which begins with soup and ends with a dessert of nuts.

My desserts are usually a little sweeter than that.  But be that as it may, here is a recent ‘soup to nuts’ project, in which our crews built the lawn and landscape literally from the ground up. From excavation to grading, to installation of irrigation, shrubs, flowers, trees, and sod, this project took 3 months of concentrated work.

The work was so extensive that it will take two posts, just to cover it all!

Herewith the ‘before’ pictures:
Large plant material, waiting to be installed.


Full grown, balled & burlapped Crape Myrtles.
A shade tree this size will help in the summertime!
Trenches dug, these pipes are then laid out for the irrigation system.
This driveway needs something….
….How about some more holes for border plant material?
The Executive Washroom
These holes don’t dig themselves!
10 foot Nellie R. Stevens Hollies, newly installed!
20-25 foot Leyland Cypress – instant screenage!
The staff and a Forest Pansy Redbud.
The staff and an Eastern Red Cedar.
The Nellie R. Stevens look nice, but the front here needs … something…..
How about some small plant material?
That’s a little better!

To be continued…..

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