Project Update

The photos are coming in as work progresses on this project. Remember this scene?


It’s getting a new look. Our guys are laying down the Fescue sod. It will ultimately take more than 24,000 sf of sod to cover this expansive property.

Some good work is being done around the pool right now. We’ve gotten more of the Fescue sod installed …

… and that is polished tiger stripe stone circling the pool, shipped all the way from China! Keith and the boys also found some decorative boulders and the Boulder Committee is deciding optimum placement.

And then there is the Garden Berm encircling the pool area. Our guys have trucked in a lot of dirt and mulch and plants, and the result is quite simply dazzling. First up is a photo before we started work …


… and here is the completed berm, with only a little more mulch to be spread.


Work continues apace; more photos to come. Meanwhile, contact us!


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