Plants & Patio

We begin with the driveway entrance wherein we replaced existing timber supports on the right and left of the driveway with Castle Manor Grana Grey retaining walls, and installed Red Knock Out Roses and Miss Huff Lantana in a mulch of NC Long Leaf Pine Needles. We cleaned up this 15' x 118' area and … Continue reading Plants & Patio

Plant Beds & Patios …

… and sod and irrigation systems. And mulch, plenty of mulch. Our crews have been hard at work on these two properties, providing our typical range of services: grading and amending soil, installing sod and plant material, laying down stone paver walkways and patios and mulch, and bringing an existing irrigation system up to snuff. … Continue reading Plant Beds & Patios …

Bold Boulders

We had occasion the other day to do some upgrades for one of our existing customers. We added fresh mulch and new plants to their well established yardscape, and also some large decorative boulders to match some existing rocks. As a bonus, here are photos of existing Biloxi crape myrtles, Nellie Stevens hollies, and Green … Continue reading Bold Boulders

Follow Up

Like pitching and the golf swing, it's the follow through that's critical in landscape work. Our crews can tackle a job and produce amazing things for our customers, but it's all for naught unless we follow through and complete the finishing touches. Fortunately, follow through is what our guys do best! Here's an example from … Continue reading Follow Up