Everything Old is New Again

We like seeing rehabilitation of existing structures and yards, and more so when we are involved!

This customer is restoring and enhancing this stately old house, built circa 1940, and we are doing the same with the landscape. It is more than 7 acres of land in which we are installing among other things a complete irrigation system, planting areas, new seed and sod, mulch, night lighting, and also a special berm that will do double duty as screenage for the new pool and garden space for a colorful variety of plants.

We’ve just started. Click on any photo to get a closer look.


Let’s begin with something special that we actually won’t be getting to until later: the poolside berm. It will encircle the pool, which right now looks like this.

The gentlemen in the picture above is Josh of Classic Stoneworks, LLC out of Pensylvania. He is supplying and laying the quartzite pool decking. When he is done, we are going to build a berm, which is essentially a mound of earth, to provide screenage for the pool area. But it will also double as a garden. If you’re having trouble visualizing this, here are a couple of concept pictures.

But finished photos of all of that will come later. Here is current work we are doing on the new irrigation system.

That’s just the front. Here is the backyard.

The headwaters, so to speak, for the irrigation is a pump house more than 700 feet distant – and we have had to trench all the way to it.

That’s it for now. We will conclude this post with a nod to our friend, Melvin Bradley, who specializes in tree removal, trimming, and stump grinding. Here are shots of his crew working on some of the large trees dotting this property.

20191017_102100 02_edited

20191017_101753_editedThis is work above my paygrade – literally!

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