Fall Lawncare Notes

This is our annual reminder that with the Fall Equinox behind us, there are a certain set of annual tasks that need attention. So, let's check in on some of the things Ben's Creek Nursery is doing this season and into the next. For the past few weeks we have begun aeration and overseeding in … Continue reading Fall Lawncare Notes

If It’s Fall These Must Be Armyworms

We are re-posting this article from September of 2019, because ... well, they're back! Armies are good, especially our army.  And worms are good things, too. But fall armyworms … that's a different story. We like our lush, green lawns, and so do these little pests. Fall armyworms are connoisseurs of fine lawns, especially fresh, … Continue reading If It’s Fall These Must Be Armyworms

2021: Shortage of Plants, Shrubs, & Flowers

We have an article from the North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association that we want to pass on to you regarding the availability of plants, shrubs, flowers, and other material in 2021. Read the whole thing, but the short answer it provides is: Shortages, delays, and higher prices are going to affect ... the [green] … Continue reading 2021: Shortage of Plants, Shrubs, & Flowers

Value Added

Happy New Year to all our customers and friends (pardon the redundancy)! We are kicking off the year with a yard and garden tip - hardscape (the industry generic term for patios, walkways, outdoor grilling areas, retaining walls, and the like) is not an expense, but an investment in your home. From several recent projects, … Continue reading Value Added

Aeration & Overseeding

As September returns, we once again offer our annual reminder that early Fall is the time for aeration and overseeding.  Aeration refers to air, which is what needs to be periodically introduced into the root system of your grass in order to encourage turf grass rooting, among other benefits. Overseeding is the practice of introducing … Continue reading Aeration & Overseeding