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LCAC & Ben’s Creek Show Their Heart

If our Lakeland Cultural Arts Center's mission is to enrich, educate, and entertain our community, then as far as entertainment is concerned it was mission accomplished on Tuesday night. That's when it put on A Valentine's Evening with Steve Hyman, sponsored by none other than Ben's Creek Nursery. Our own Robert & Treva Neville were … Continue reading LCAC & Ben’s Creek Show Their Heart

Lake Overlook

Walkways, patios, lighting, irrigation, grading, sod, and new plants - all in the service of a beautiful property with a spectacular view of the Lake. Our guys' work here was epic in scope. Let's take it one section at a time. This is a 4' x 70' long Techo Bloc Champlain Grey paver sidewalk with … Continue reading Lake Overlook

Irrigation & Sod Upgrades

Our guys were out early this morning, installing an irrigation system with something like 17 zones of yard coverage. Later, we will be installing Tifway Bermuda sod on the lakeside and aerating and overseeding the front yard. Some artfully placed Dark Walnut Shredded mulch and decorative rocks, and we should be done. Kudos to Craig … Continue reading Irrigation & Sod Upgrades

A Christmas Present

Our man Keith Harvey came up with a very special Christmas present for his fiance, Susan Suiter - an outdoor, fully equipped, stone paver patio-kitchen, complete with a memorial to her late husband, Ghi Suiter. Keith in large measure did this project as if he was a complete landscape company unto himself - he designed … Continue reading A Christmas Present