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Holly Installation

We completely landscaped this beautiful property almost eight years ago (memorialized in these two Project posts, Landscaping From the Ground Up and From the Ground Up – Continued). Since then our maintenance crews have assiduously kept it trimmed and manicured, and then last year, we revisited it with some landscape upgrades. This past week our … Continue reading Holly Installation

A Walk to the Lake Continued

Work proceeds on this walkway project, which stretches from the driveway, around the house, and continues on down almost to the boathouse. Since our last post, not only is the walkway almost completed, but the Lincoln Creek stone slab steps have been installed, as has the firepit. As we said last post, the adapatable Belgard … Continue reading A Walk to the Lake Continued

And the Winner is …

Our supplier of premiere, quality stone paver products and materials, Belgard, holds an annual Project Excellence Awards event in Pinehurst, North Carolina (yes, there is some golf involved). This year, our own Keith Harvey attended to accept the winner's plaque on the company's behalf in Belgard's Elements Collection competition. The element in question is the … Continue reading And the Winner is …

Maintenance Contracts

Our lawn maintenance services are generally offered on an annual contract basis. This is because your lawn and plants have a natural yearly cycle of growth, and lawn maintenance done properly must match that cycle to promote the beauty and sustainability of your yards and gardens. Any given service call will therefore carry twin goals: … Continue reading Maintenance Contracts

Walkway to the Lake

Here is a customer that needed help with a common problem around the Lake: a steep, uneven topography between the house and the waters edge. A stone paver walkway is an ideal solution, providing a secure and durable pathway to the boathouse. Additionally, the Belgard modular pavers and designs we use are flexible and adaptable … Continue reading Walkway to the Lake