Colors: Green, Dark Walnut, Slate Grey

These are just some of the colors our crews added to this customer’s Lake property.

First the green – more than 20,000 sf of Tifway Bermuda sod.

Dark Walnut is the color of the Dark Walnut Shredded mulch in these installed plant beds. The mulch provides a vivid contrast to the colorations of the various and sundry plants, which include: Red Japanese Maple, August Beauty Gardenia, Pink Muhley Grass, and Steeds Holly.

Slate Grey describes the capping of these two retaining walls, and the stone slab steps at the end of the walkway.

The two paver walls are Colonial Castle Manor Grana curved walls with slate grey capping. The paver walkway connecting the front door with the driveway is a River Street Lafitt sidewalk.

Fini. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work on this customer’s beautiful Lake property.

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