Maxi Effort on a Mini Soccer Field

For those of you paying attention, you know our crews have fashioned life-sized stone Hop Scotch and Chess boards. But a sports court sized mini-soccer field? That’s clearly leveling way up on the game construction thing. But our guys were up to the task!

The first, and major, problem was an engineering one: The sports court would need some significant grading and a strong foundation to make a level, sturdy, and durable playing field out of an uneven, sloping portion of the property.

Additionally, the court needed to be protected from water runoff. It also needed a proper walkway connection to the rest of the property, pine needle mulch, landscape lighting, and some Holly & Arborvitae screenage.

Without further ado, take a look.

Behold, a mini-soccer field, guarded by Mary Nell Hollies.

The court is on a graded backfill of crush and run, held together by a sturdy Oxford Grey Diamond 9 D retaining wall for maximum durability and stability of the playing field.

What you see here on the right side of the court is washed River Stone lining a french drain between the fence line and the retaining wall. This is to catch water runoff from the adjacent yard and channel it out to the rear wooded area.

This is a 30′ long Hatteras Lafitt paver sidewalk, with 6 grey solid slab steps to connect the sports court to the existing fence gate and the rest of the property. The lights are hat style, part of an LED low voltage lighting system around the walkway and court, providing night time safety and accent lighting.

The Oxford Grey 9 D retaining wall again. Note how to keep the grade level, this wall rose from about 3 or 4 feet to close to 6 feet – and back again! Amazing job by our guys!

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