On Deck

These are two in-process properties. Finished photos will be posted, but here is a sneak preview.

This first property involves the preparation of the soil for lawn seed. Now, we want you to notice something. Ben’s Creek certainly has heavy equipment for moving large amounts of dirt and such, and that was certainly used here. But what equipment are all these crew members using for the finishing work?

The most traditional of landscaping tools, shovels and rakes – coupled with lots and lots of hard work. This manual labor happens a lot in landscaping work, with and without shovels and rakes, and it is why we are so impressed with our employees and what they bring to the job sites each and every day.

Let’s give a shoutout to all the people working this site: Jourdan Brooks, Jorge Granera, Jose Garcia Umar, Craig Powell, Roberto Bustos, Roman Lopez, Jeff Tomlinson, and Brock Lilly.

Here’s another example of hard work in action. You’ve all seen the large stone rip-rap laid down for drainage control. Machines are used for some of that placement, but often it is simply our guys picking up each stone and placing it. Here is Kevin Evans and Jose JM Lopez doing just that.

Our second job in progress is this stone paver patio/garden planter. Again, not much heavy equipment here, just good, old fashion hard work (and a lot of expertise!). Shoutout to some of the same people we saw in the previous post: Jose Garcia Ulmar, Craig Powell, Roberto Bustos, Roman Lopez, and Jourdan Brooks.

This, by the way, is a nascent Savannah Catalina Grana paver patio.

These are two large garden planters, structured within Colonial Country Manor stone retaining walls.

We are impressed! Thanks guys for all your hard work …

… and as for you – contact us!

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