2021: Shortage of Plants, Shrubs, & Flowers

We have an article from the North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association that we want to pass on to you regarding the availability of plants, shrubs, flowers, and other material in 2021. Read the whole thing, but the short answer it provides is:

Shortages, delays, and higher prices are going to affect … the [green] industry …

This is predominantly due, of course, to the pandemic and the associated disruptions in supply and distribution, but also to the curious economic quirk we saw last year: in the midst of an economic downturn, demand for landscaping products and services went up. This was probably due to the fact that the pandemic kept people closer to home and consequently their yards and gardens commanded greater attention.

Greater demand, short supply, is a classic economic formula for shortages, delays, and higher prices. But also, many types of plants and material might not be available at all, at whatever price.

In all of this, however, our expertise can help. We keep a close eye on plant pricing and availability, and will incorporate that information in our design plans. We can advise on the timing of purchases, whether or not to buy sooner rather than later or later rather than sooner. And we can suggest suitable substitutes should the particular material you want not be available.

The bottom line: please be patient and know that Ben’s Creek Nursery will work to find you the best material at the right price, given the economic realities we all are facing.

Meanwhile, contact us with questions or comments!

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