Crape Myrtle Planting Season is Here!

It is said that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the second best time is today. For example, we donated these Tonto and Acoma crape myrtles in downtown Littleton some 12 years ago – and look at them now!

This planting rule is true in spirit, but practically, there are some qualifications. Our friends at Worthington Farms explain the timing of tree planting in a recent newsletter.

The best time for planting trees and shrubs is usually during the dormant season, in the fall after leaf drop. Some trees are considered fall digging hazards and need to be planted later in the winter. However, crape myrtles are the exception to many standard practices. You will be more successful with crape myrtles if you understand how they perform and work within their parameters.

Worthington Farms, Newsletter, March 19, 2021

Crape myrtles are exceptional, but not only with respect to planting times. The range and selection of crape myrtles in terms of color, size, shape, and bark pattern are arguably unequaled by other types of trees. Here for instance are some photos from our old nursery of Muskogee, Dynamite, Natchez, and other crape myrtles – click on any picture to get a closer look.

The bottom line: in our opinion, April 1 will be an ideal time to dig and transplant crape myrtles. Again, from Worthington Farms:

Crape myrtles, particularly balled and burlapped ones, are best transplanted at or after bud break. Bud break is nursery slang for the point where growth is beginning to occur; buds on the plant are swelling and tiny leaves are starting to unfurl. This is the ideal time to dig and plant crape myrtles.

Which is not to say we cannot plant crape myrtles for you at other times of the year. It just takes special expertise to compensate for the problems that can occur – expertise that our crews can provide!

We can recommend and source the style of crape myrtle that will complement your yard and gardens, so contact us!

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