Stone Paver Walkway & Patio

Our guys swarmed this property with stone paver upgrades, from the driveway to the lake.

We adorned the driveway pad with a Savannah Lafitt border, and installed a Colonial Castle Manor grana retaining wall along the right side of the parking area to hold the slope and prevent erosion and sediment from washing onto the parking pad.

The Savannah Lafitt border becomes a matching walkway connecting the driveway to the lake.

On the lakeside, we extended the walkway to connect with the steps, and to a Savannah Lafitt patio we installed under the upper deck.

To protect this beautiful addition, our crews trucked in loads of Glacier River Jack washed river stone (I love that name) to capture and guide water coming down the slope.

To top it off, we installed various plant material, Dark Walnut Designer Mulch, Pine Needle buffers, Bermuda Sod, Irrigation, and night lighting.

Project notes: Materials used: Savannah Lafitt border; Colonial Castle Manor Grana retaining wall; Glacier River Jack washed river stone; Savannah Lafitt paver patio; Savannah Lafitt paver walk; Bermuda Sod; Dark Walnut Shredded Mulch; Pine Needle Buffers; Rainbird Irrigation System; LED Low Voltage Night Lighting.

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