A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

This unique American holiday comes up tomorrow, reminding us to be thankful for all the blessings the Good Lord has given us. And not the least of these blessings are His gifts of family and friends – which most definitely includes our employees! In that spirit, Ben’s Creek Nursery hosted a pre-Thanksgiving breakfast for each of our crews before they fanned out around the Lake. Doughnuts, coffee cakes, rolls, banana nut & blueberry muffins, and more greeted each crew starting at 6:30 this morning, together with a ham cooked up by our own Wilson St. Sing!

The dawn creeps up as our first crew gets their breakfast.

This was a small token of our gratitude for all that our employees do and we wish each and every one of them – and also all our customers – a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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