Plants & Patio

We begin with the driveway entrance wherein we replaced existing timber supports on the right and left of the driveway with Castle Manor Grana Grey retaining walls, and installed Red Knock Out Roses and Miss Huff Lantana in a mulch of NC Long Leaf Pine Needles.

We cleaned up this 15′ x 118′ area and spread upwards of 50 bales of NC Long Leaf Pine Needles.

601 (1)

Another Castle Manor Grana Grey retaining wall, coupled with precise grading behind it, brought some water control to this area of the garage & driveway.

501 (1)

We cleaned out the existing plants along the foundation and brought in 3 cubic yards of topsoil, in preparation for an array of new plant material, all set in white decorative rock to match existing rock on the other side of the house. For those keeping score, the new plants included Dwarf Cryptomeria, Sunshine Ligustrum, Gold Mound Spirea, Emerald Arborvitae, Soft Touch Holly, Dwarf Burgundy Loropetalum, Kaleidoscope Abelia, and Camellia Sasanqua.

Notice how some of these plants were selected specifically for their growth habits, so that when they reach maturity they will provide an effective screen of the gas tanks, power meter, and other utilities along the foundation.

We matched the clean up of the front property line with similar treatment on the Lake side of the house, this time covering an area 8′ x 75′ with 25 bales of NC Long Leaf Pine Needles.

301 (1)

Which all brings us to the major addition, the patio overlooking the Lake. We had to incorporate this new structure with an existing fire ring, a swing, and walkway, which is actually a trick in this type of work. As usual, our guys made it look easy.

The patio is 400 square feet of Dublin Fossil Beige pavers, which we leveled and supported with an 18′ long Colonial Castle Manor Rustic retaining wall on the downhill side.

Need help with your yard & gardens? Contact us. We’ve got plenty more plants and paver stones where these came from!


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