Some look at lake lots and see nothing but problems; our design team sees nothing but possibilities.

Here is what we saw when we began this project.

The fixed points we began our work with were the driveway, boathouse, firepit, and the house itself – we wanted to connect these elements with a complex of walkways. Here is the preliminary ‘brainstorming’ plan we came up with.


We began with major grading of the grounds, to create the right slope for water drainage. In addition to the grading, we installed this 4′ tall by 20′ long Colonial Castle Manor Grana retaining wall to hold the right side slope and prevent erosion onto the lower patio.

Connecting the driveway to the boathouse took about 150 feet of pavers. Here we are laying a 4′ wide Dublin Fossil Beige 3 piece paver sidewalk and an Ardennes Grey border, with 2 sets of tan slab steps to affect an easy transition.

We will be upgrading the fire pit area with a Dublin Fossil Beige 3 piece paver and Ardennes Grey border encircling a Colonial Weston fire pit. There will also be matching walks connecting the new patio to the deck steps and the lower patio, and to the new boathouse walkway.

Here is the completed connector from the middle section of the new driveway-boathouse walkway to the existing lower patio.


Our guys have made a fast start on this project, but the work continues!


Finished photos will be available soon. Meanwhile, if you see something you like, contact us!

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