Walkway to the Lake

Here is a customer that needed help with a common problem around the Lake: a steep, uneven topography between the house and the waters edge.

A stone paver walkway is an ideal solution, providing a secure and durable pathway to the boathouse. Additionally, the Belgard modular pavers and designs we use are flexible and adaptable to the twists and turns it will take to get around the house and down to the boathouse without disturbing the natural trees and plants. At the same time, the stone work provides the look and feel of cut flagstone to complement the natural beauty around the Lake.

We have half a way to go with the walkway, and will also be installing a firepit and Lincoln Creek stone slab steps at three points along the way. Finished photos will be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, if you see something you like here, contact us!

3 thoughts on “Walkway to the Lake

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