Thank You!

With the Summer Solstice drawing near, its appropriate to pause a moment in this busy season to appreciate what has gone before. This past spring season has been one of the busiest, most productive periods in our company’s history. We have also started and completed a greater variety of projects than ever before – and we know who to thank.

First, our crews, who have brought new meaning to the word ‘hustle’ and raised the bar of excellence to new heights. We also owe a debt to our suppliers, companies like Belgard, who not only provides us with some of the best, premium hardscape products in the business, but also with elegant, professional design renderings for the outdoor spaces we construct for our customers.

Which brings us to the most important reason for our recent success: our customers. Doing a good job is satisfying, but doing a good job for people you genuinely like makes the whole thing immensely gratifying. We are so happy to be doing the things we are doing with these people who have entrusted us with one of their most important possessions – their homes!

So thank you, one and all! Herewith a collage of some of the various projects we’ve been involved with these last few months.


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