A Poolside Patio


Most things are not better than a poolside patio. But contrary to our wishes and dreams, poolside patios do not build themselves. In fact, it takes remarkable skill and perseverance to build one. It is work that literally proceeds from the ground up.

Meaning, before the patio, you must first clear the ground – in this case, of a large poolside crape myrtle. A crape myrtle this size has a very large root system, all of which needs to be removed before the patio work can begin.

Here our guys are demonstrating the traditional pick and shovel technique which, combined with appropriate muscle, has been in use for this type of work since well before the 19th century 🙂


The ground cleared, the patio work proper begins. Here are pictures of our men Amando and Chuy cutting and placing stone, and at times, kicking up a cloud of dust in the process!

A bit of clean-up on the finished product ….

and … c’est fini!

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