There’s No Sod Like New Sod

What does it take to install 40+ pallets of sod in an afternoon, including initial prep of the grounds? Literally, it takes every single…body…available. It also requires everyone working quickly and efficiently, and most of all, working hard.

That was Ben’s Creek Nursery  installing lakefront Bermuda grass. Bermuda grass is one of the most popular southern grasses. It is extremely tough and resilient, disease and weed resistant, drought tolerant, and a fast grower when the sun shines. The grass you see here is in its normal winter dormant mode, conserving resources in preparation for Spring green. Even so, it will provide a sturdy ground cover throughout the Winter months.

Here is a picture of our crews, swarming to the task.

But before the swarm, the ground must first be graded and prepared, and that takes heavy machinery:

Then comes the unfolding of the sod. This sod came in rolls, each a couple of yards long, which are unfurled and spread on the ground.

While most are lifting and spreading, some continue prepping the ground ….

… while others take on the detail work of trimming the sod rolls into a perfect fit with their neighbors:

Here are some panoramic shots of the work:

And, here are the finished photos.

As we take our leave of the Ben’s Creek Nursery faithful, toiling in the vineyard, so to speak, let us contemplate Proverbs 22:6, wherein it almost says:

Train up the grass in the way it should grow, and when it is old it will not depart from it.

Training up the grass; that’s as good a summation as any of what our guys were all about.

We can do the same for your grass – and your gardens, too – so call us today!

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