Tiered Patios

Here’s one from back a few months – a unique triple-tiered design with two stone paver patios and a lower turf area, descending from the house to the lakefront. There was a lot of earth-moving for this one, plus good old-fashioned hard work.

Take a look and marvel at what our guys can do!

These are two Savannah Catalina Grana paver patios supported by Colonial Castle Manor Grana retaining walls. Retaining walls were also installed to create 4′ wide annual/perennial planting beds.

4′ wide Rocha Riviera Techo-Bloc stone slab steps lead from the patios down to the grassy tier and the lakefront turf areas.

A triple-decker masterpiece! Thanks to our crews for their hard work – and to the customer for bringing us in on this beautiful project!

See something you like? Contact us!

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