Two Weeks at Ben’s Creek

Two weeks is a good chunk of time for most – but it is just a blip considering the number of ongoing projects we have. Yet in the two weeks spanning November and December, we managed to stay current on our projects, but also devote significant time to other matters close to our heart: employee appreciation, community participation, and last but not least, the Christmas spirit.

The local Chick-fil-A in Roanoke Rapids underwent some remodeling, and we were called in at the end to re-install their foundation landscaping. We graded and prepped the beds and installed numerous plants in a stone mulch. Needless to say, our guys worked with some urgency; we simply could not let Chick-fil-A stay closed any longer!

Then, just before Thanksgiving, Management was up at the crack of dawn preparing a sumptuous breakfast for the employees, cooked by our own Wilson St. Sing.

The Holiday spirit carried over to the next week, when Ben’s Creek Nursery participated in a Career Fair at Halifax Community College. This was for high school Roanoke Valley Early College participants and was intended to give them an opportunity to learn about various career possibilities. It was a genuine pleasure meeting and talking with these impressive young people!

Then we come into the office one day, and lo and behold, Wilson St. Sing has been at it again: he’s given us the gift of Christmas lights! The Spirit moved him, and now us – and Christmas is officially here!

Here’s wishing a very Merry Christmas to all our customers and friends!

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