Walkway & Landscape Upgrades

This customer had the materials for the completion of a walkway and challenged our crews to match an as-built walkway already in place. Did our guys have any problems? Not in the least.

Here is the Techo Bloc Champlain Grey Blu paver sidewalk we built, connecting the retaining wall and steps with the dock.

Here is the existing walkway our crews had to match.

We also installed sod, an array of plants, and an irrigation system.

Some of the plants you see here are Miscanthus, Sunshine Ligustrum, Wintergem Viburnum, and Dwarf Burgundy Lorepetalum. We also installed a Weeping Japanese Maple, and along the front foundation Vintage Jade Distyllium, Gold Mound Spirea, and a Nellie Stevens Holly, among others. All beds were freshened up with Dark Walnut Shredded mulch.


Like what you see? Call us for an estimate!

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