Hard Work

Our guys finished another massive project on the Lake. Stone paver walkways, a patio and firepit patio, outdoor kitchen, irrigation, sod, and a parking pad, ornamented through out with garden beds and fresh plant material.

As always, click on any photo for a closer look.

First, here are some of the people that made this project happen.

This is a Catalina Grana paver parking pad, a dark gray Holland Stone accent border, and a matching Catalina Grana paver walkway and Holland Stone border connecting the parking with the front door.

And here is the parking pad and sidewalk again with the finished garden beds, mulch, and fescue sod installed.

Next, this is a Savannah Catalina Grana paver sidewalk with slate gray Holland Stone borders connecting the driveway to the back patio. Along the way, our guys installed this variable grade Colonial Castle Manor retaining wall, buttressing a Savannah Catalina Grana paver landing to the side door.

The back patio is actually double-tiered, continuing on both the Savannah Catalina Grana paver and slate gray Holland Stone borders motif. The raised portion is supported by a sturdy 612 square foot Colonial Castle Manor Grana curved retaining wall.

The lower patio sports a Colonial Weston Stone fire pit and a 30′ long Colonial Castle Manor Grana sitting wall.

The upper patio contains a 15′ x 20′ outdoor kitchen constructed of Colonial Weston Stone blocks with Limestone Esplanade caps for the counter tops.

And completing the patio complex, our guys installed this Savannah Catalina Grana paver sidewalk with slate gray Holland Stone borders, connecting the patios to the boat dock. They also finished off two planting beds, with two Spiral Topiary Arborvitae and other plant material, set in Dark Walnut shredded mulch.

Extensive irrigation work was done, and then filled in and covered with fescue sod and pine needle mulch.

Beautiful, beautiful work, guys! Now on to the next project …

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