Instant Gardens – and More

We give you today this yard and garden upgrade from back in the latter part of the summer.

We begin with the installation of about 18,000 square feet of Tifway Bermuda sod with a 12 zone Rainbird ESP irrigation system providing coverage of all the turf and ornamental plant bed areas.

In the midst of this green, we installed a 20′ x 25′ oval Mega Arbel paver patio with a River Street Laffit border, including a 16′ long by 18″ tall Colonial Castle Manor Grana sitting wall with Slate Grey Eastwood bullnose coping. We then connected the patio to the boat dock via a 6′ wide Mega Arbel golf cart paver walkway with a River Street Laffit border, to match the patio.

We installed ground guttering around the foundation of the house. This consisted of a 3′ wide swath of washed river rock covering a buried 4″ slotted corrugated pipe.

We planted close to 100 plants, all in a bed of Dark Walnut Shredded Mulch. A partial listing of the plants you see here is: Wintergem Viburnum, Dwarf Burgundy Lorepetalum, Shi Shi Gashira Dwarf Camillia, Pyramidal Steeds Holly, Dwarf Cryptomeria, August Beauty Gardenia, Ligustrum Japonica, and Spreading Yews.

Oh, and boulders; don’t overlook the medium boulders. You know, these don’t just happen in gardens, they have to be artfully placed by our trained crews!

We finished up with 20 tons(!) of #57 washed stone to fill in the area under the deck.

A beautiful home made more so by some excellent work from our crews!

See something you like? Contact us!

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