Landscape Upgrades

Before we leave spring behind us, here are some photos of some upgrades we did from a few months back, to an already established landscape. We installed a stone paver walkway, strategic lighting, and some full-grown plant material. We also deployed an irrigation system, which being underground and all, was not amenable to being photographed. But it’s there, I promise.

We begin with these four full-grown Green Giant arborvitataes, providing instant screenage for a lake-view patio.

The lighting was of multiple kinds, Up lights for the foundation; black hat and flush mounted Fasano for the driveway; and so-called Moonlight down lights placed in the trees in the front. The hat style was also used along the lake walkway.

These steps were nicely covered by these circular flush mounted deck lights.

And finally, the piece de resistance, a 3′ by 96′ long Dublin Fossil Beige three piece paver sidewalk, connecting the left side of the driveway to the left rear concrete patio.

Contact us if you need targeted enhancements to an established landscape. And if you need a full-scale design and makeover, we can do that too! So whatever your needs, call us!

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