Littleton Upgrade

Our crews were out in force this week, planting full grown Tuskegee Crape Myrtles and Overcup Oaks around the parking lot of the downtown’s newest addition, the Blue Jay Bistro.

These balled and burlapped trees were supplied by Creekside Farms Nursery in nearby Jackson, and were loaded on trailers in our lot for transport uptown.

Dropped off behind the Blue Jay Bistro, our man Wilson St. Sing gets to work carrying the trees to the pre-dug holes for planting.

A few rounds of this, and voila! – our guys have all the planting just about done.

Click on any photo to get a closer look.

These crapes and oaks are going to be a sight to behold come spring and summer. But for now … contact us with any questions about your yard and gardens!

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