Landscape Lighting

Nothing dresses up your yard and gardens like professionally installed landscape lighting. It gives you enhanced safety for your home, night time appeal, and … well, here is a recent project. Pictures speak better than words.

For this customer, we installed 16 flush mounted Fasano lights to outline the perimeter of the lake front paver patio and the paver sidewalk between the patio and the boat dock.

This installation included 1 bullet style up light to accent the Weeping Japanese Maple adjacent to the patio, and 4 hat style path lights to illuminate the beds adjacent to the paver patio.

We also installed 10 hat style path lights to illuminate the paver sidewalk connecting the front driveway parking area to the lakefront paver patio …

… and 8 bullet style up lights to provide accent lighting on the large lake side shade trees.

Landscape lighting – simple, effective, and elegant!

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