Stone Paver Enhancements

This is a long time customer who decided to enhance an already beautiful lake front property.

Here is what this property looked like circa 2018

The enhancements included a 160′ long Savannah Lafitt stone walkway connecting the driveway to a lake side patio, with a lateral branch to the boat dock.

But first, we needed to do some heavy work to prep the grounds.

The pipes sticking up from the ground are part of a line sleeve for a future conversion of the new fire pit to gas.

What fire pit? We’re glad you asked. That would be the fire pit in the middle of the 24′ Savannah Laffit paver patio.

The Lafitt walkway turned out nicely, too. Let’s begin at the driveway.

We also laid out lots of fresh pine needles ….

… trimmed the bushes and installed 800 sf of Compadre Zoysia sod.

We also installed night lighting, but that’s a post for another day!

See something you like? Contact us!

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