Turf Alert!

For those of you not on our active maintenance email list, here is an important notice we recently sent regarding the appearance of grassy weeds this spring season.

Due to the record-setting wet weather this past Fall and Winter, we are seeing a lot of wheatstraw and poa annua (annual bluegrass) germinating in our fescue turf sites. Because their biological make up is near identical to fescue, there is no chemical or other treatment available for these grassy weeds. Anything that kills the weeds will kill the fescue as well. As a result, there is nothing to be done about this unusual problem at this time.

The good news is that the grassy weeds will die off naturally once temperatures reach the upper 80’s. Meanwhile, our recommended course of action continues to be to promote the health of the fescue by an application of fertilizer and pre-emergent to prevent germination of the summer-specific weeds to come.

Not one of our regular maintenance customers? Like some help with your turf or turf weeds? Contact us!

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