A Complete Landscape – From Start to Finish

Here is a very nice neighborhood. But you should have seen it when we got there. Here is this same view almost two months previous:


Our crews were on this project from start to finish, from front to side to back of this beautiful property! Here is a round up of before and after pictures.


First up: views from the front:

The front door.
Here are some views from and to the street

 Now, views of the rear of this property:

We had a LOT of earth to move to prepare this slope in the back yard.
 Once the earth was moved and graded, we installed this retaining wall.
Hollies were installed above the wall, and new green grass on the turf below.
Once again, quite a contrast to how this rear yard looked before we started!
This garage court needed something ….
…. as did the exterior grounds around the garage.
There’s no sod like new sod!
This pool and pool house needed some work!
And work we did!
This area needs … a basketball court?
Ah! There it is.
We installed scores of new material all around the property. Note that every bit of landscape installation you see was done by us, much of it coming from our own Iles Farm!
And decorative rocks, which are becoming a kind of signature of our work.
 Where do we get these rocks? Usually, we find them as scattered debris in the yard!

Through the vision of our creative crews, scattered debris becomes objets d’art d’lawn!

Many thanks to our customer for allowing us the privilege of working on this beautiful property!


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