An Irrigation Installation

Adequate water is necessary to maintain healthy yards and gardens, a truism bordering on cliche, but important nonetheless. As is another old maxim, which almost says: Too much of a good thing is not …. a good thing.

That is, overwatering can be as much a danger to plants and grasses as underwatering. And the difficulty becomes a conundrum when you consider that differing plants and grasses require different amounts of water at different times.

That is why a good irrigation system, properly installed, can be such an efficient tool for maintaining healthy yards and gardens. With timers and differing zones of coverage, you the homeowner can give the individual attention that your plant material needs – without leaving the luxury of your living room!

Ben’s Creek Nursery installs irrigation systems – and here are some pictures of a recent project.

Irrigation work (1)

Although we have trenching machines for this kind of work, an old-fashioned dependable shovel is necessary for the kind of detail work needed to run water lines from the road through the property.

Irrigation work (2)Irrigation work (3)

Proper installation requires proper slope among many other exacting details, as our own Keith Harvey well knows.

Irrigation work (4)

The shovel detail again ….

Irrigation work (5)

The grand plan for this lake-side irrigation system is taking shape!

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