Stone Paver Walkway

Just in: our guys have completed another ever-popular River Street Mega-Arbel stone paver walkway.

Kudos to our guys on the front lines of this project: Moises Mena, Jose Garcia Umar, Roman Lopez, and (not shown) Craig Powell.

Quality stone paver work involves important preparation before we cut and lay pavers. As you can see here, our pavers are installed on a compacted gravel base with polycarbonate “L” edge restraints and polymeric sand binding the joints.

We installed at the carport a 6′ x 8′ River Steet Mega-Arbel paver landing with dark grey accent border, and two 5′ wide solid gray slab steps to transition to the new walkway. The landing is supported by 20′ of Colonial Castle Manor Grana retaining walls.

And … it is done.


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