Lake Overlook

Walkways, patios, lighting, irrigation, grading, sod, and new plants – all in the service of a beautiful property with a spectacular view of the Lake.

Our guys’ work here was epic in scope. Let’s take it one section at a time.

This is a 4′ x 70′ long Techo Bloc Champlain Grey paver sidewalk with a Slate Grey border. It connects the front parking area with the lower concrete patio and surrounds the hot tub with a matching paver patio. This paver sidewalk includes 12 dark grey solid slab steps to help transition the steep slope.

The lakefront sidewalk extends from the lower concrete patio (existing). We installed a 4′ wide by 60′ long Techo Bloc Champlain Grey paver walkway with dark grey borders to connect to the matching paver fire pit patio and the boat dock. We included dark grey solid slab steps to transition the steep grade.

On this steep slope between the sod and parking areas we amended the soil with 6 cy of topsoil and installed an array of plant material. We also spread some 24 cy of Dark Walnut mulch and reset the natural stone steps connecting the lower sod area with the driveway.

Night lighting (already shown) and irrigation were also installed, for year-round enjoyment of this special property.

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