A Christmas Present

Our man Keith Harvey came up with a very special Christmas present for his fiance, Susan Suiter – an outdoor, fully equipped, stone paver patio-kitchen, complete with a memorial to her late husband, Ghi Suiter.

Keith in large measure did this project as if he was a complete landscape company unto himself – he designed it, selected the materials, and with a little bit of help from Brock Lilly, graded, leveled, and then installed the stone pavers to spec.

A masterful job and a great present, sure to bring a good bit of Christmas joy to Keith and Susan’s household this Holiday season!

For the patio proper, Keith chose Origins 6 stone pavers with a Holland stone border. The block wall materials are Colonial Castle Manor and an accent row of Highland Stone Timberline. The column is Highland Stone Timberline with a cap of Techo-Bloc York Riviera, and the countertops are Bluestone Select Thermal.

And Keith’s finishing touch: the pure ambiance of strategically placed night lighting.

I don’t know about you, but I am impressed! Great work, Keith!

And you, do you see something you like? Contact us!

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