Stairway to Heaven

When you have a Lake house halfway down a steep slope, you have a near heavenly view of the Lake.

But correspondingly, you have a difficult terrain to traverse down to your boat dock. What’s the solution? Stone slab steps by Ben’s Creek Nursery.

You can see here the erosion control measures implemented on the steep slope. But the thing is the steps: these are some 20 Blue Iron solid slab steps, dug into the side of the hill, leveled, and set on a compacted gravel base. In other words, these steps are not only elegant, but built to last.

Our guys literally topped off these slab steps with an 18″ tall, 50′ long Shelby Ashlar Tandem serpentine retaining wall, with an Onyx Black Portofino cap.

Going up the hill on the side of the house to the driveway, our crews installed a 66′ long Summit Lafitt paver sidewalk, including 20 more Blue Iron solid slab steps to mitigate the gradient.

Awesome addition to a beautiful home, guys. Well done!

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