“Upgrades” does not begin to capture the makeover our crews did for this customer, from grading to sod to new planting beds to drainage control to … well, let’s go through it all.

Here’s the view from the front to the street when we started.

Here are the side yards …

… and this is the Lake side.

Let’s do a quick 360 degrees around the house to see what more than 20,000 square feet of Zoysia sod can do.

Now to some of the detail work. We previously installed two 54′ long Colonial Castle Manor Grana retaining walls across the front foundation to create planting beds. The array of plants we installed included 2 Red Japanese Maple, 6 Soft Touch Holly, 8 Sunshine Ligustrum, 6 Pink Muhley Grass, 2 Emerald Arborvitae, 6 Kaleidoscope Abelia, 3 Burgundy Lorepetalum, and 3 Miscanthus.

As you may have noticed by now, this property has an expansive slope from the street down to the Lake. Water erosion down this slope was mitigated at the lakeside by a double set of retaining walls, originally two stacked stone structures. To enhance the drainage control, we replaced the top wall with a 90′ Colonial Castle Manor Rustic stone wall, augmented with French Drains on the uphill side. Eight elegant stone slab steps provide access through the wall to a 20′ long Dublin Fossil Beige paver walkway, which in turn connects with the grassy entrance to the lower beach area.

Within these lower retaining walls, our guys created a new planting bed, and installed the following material: 2 Tonto Crape Myrtles, 6 Gold Mound Spirea, 6 Pink Muhley Grass, 6 Vintage Jade Distyllium, and 6 Miscanthus. The mulch is Dark Walnut Designer Mulch.

I can’t leave you without highlighting the artful use of decorative boulders by our guys. Talk about your low maintenance material – no watering, no fertilizing, no pest problems …

See something you like? Contact us!

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