Landscape & Hardscape

Here is the latest project involving our expertise in both landscaping and hardscape. We are going to go through all of this slowly, so you can appreciate the scale of what our crews accomplished.

In addition to grading and loads of topsoil to prep the beds, we constructed an 18″ tall by 60′ long Colonial Weston Stone retaining wall against the slope from the driveway, and our guys then installed an array of plants and shrubs across the front foundation of the house, including Dwarf Burgundy Lorepetalum, Soft Touch Holly, Moonlight Viburnum, and a Nellie Stevens Holly.

In front of the foundation plantings, our guys installed Dwarf Cryptomeria, Gold Mound Spirea, August Beauty Gardenia, Pink Muhley Grass, and Kaleidoscope Abelia, all set in Dark Walnut shredded mulch.

But we’re not done.

Above the parking pad, we prepped the ground with eight tons of washed river rock, and installed Miss Huff Lantana, Miscanthus Fountain Grass, Soft Touch Holly, and Rose Creek Abelia, and hard-pruned a Crape Myrtle. You’ll also see six Green Giant Arborvitae to provide screening between the road and the front door of the house.

On the left side of the property we shored up the drainage with what’s known as Class B rip rap to keep rain from washing out the new Bermuda sod, and planted some more Green Giant Arborvitae screenage.

In addition to hard-pruning the Crape Myrtles, we also sheared numerous hollies around the property into a more uniform shape.

Here we installed fifteen 12″ Vintage Jade Distyllium in Dark Walnut shredded mulch.

And we’re still not done! Our crews then laid out cubic yards of Bermuda sod. As we have explained before, Bermuda grass is one of the most popular southern grasses. It is extremely tough and resilient, disease and weed resistant, drought tolerant, and a fast grower when the sun shines. The grass you see here is in its normal winter dormant mode, conserving resources in preparation for Spring green. Even so, it will provide a sturdy ground cover throughout the Winter months.

That’s it for today. Contact us with your questions!

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