Landscape Revisited

We had occasion a few months back to re-visit a property we landscaped almost a year ago. Last year, this was new construction and our crews installed a complete yardscape from the ground up.

Our work then included more than a dozen different plant varieties, bermuda sod, and night lighting. We came back this year to install fresh garden mulch and a beautiful stone mulch known as Delaware Chalet River Stone. Click on any photo for a closer look.

Delaware Chalet River Stone is irregularly shaped and sized, but rubbed smooth by natural river water. It comes in colors ranging from beige and tan to light grays and earthy brown. In this installation, the customer opted for an assortment of tan and earth tones. Good choice.

The plants you are looking at above are Karley Rose Fountain Grass, Daruma Loropetalum, and a Camellia.

You see in the first photo above what we call a ‘Feature Tree,’ a single plant specimen that will anchor the garden display. In this case, we used a Japanese Maple whose violet purple coloring will provide a strong focal point in this landscape.

Needlepoint Hollies and Fragrant Osmanthus are always a favorite in these types of yardscape designs.

We couldn’t let you get away without bringing to your attention the Green Giant Arborvitaes along this fence line, and the specimen Crape Myrtle.

That’s it for today. Got a question? Contact us!

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