Patios, Walls, & Walkways

And that doesn’t begin to capture the challenge and scope of our latest project.

This is the 1st post on this project. The next two are here and here.

We brought in multiple truckloads of ABC Crush Run, graded everything, and then constructed an 80′ long Colonial Castle Manor Grana retaining wall to bolster two stone paver patios. And that was just for starters.

This is the upper patio area where our guys will install a 1500 square foot River Street Lafitt patio.

Here is the lower patio area, which will be made of River Street Lafitt pavers, and have a Colonial Stonegate fire pit as well as an outdoor kitchen complete with a Green Egg Grill. Colonial Weston Stone counters will grace this outdoor living space, and a 50′ long curved Colonial Castle Manor Grana sitting wall will both support the patio and accommodate the sloping grade.

There will be a 50′ long lake walkway, of course, but we will post those photos upon completion. For now, here are pictures of the truly marvelous house that will be enhanced by all this work. It is called a pentadecagon house. That means 15 sides, for those of us who don’t speak architecture.

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